This is a very special bloodline refined by KJ & Kasi Lodrigue of KJUN Reptiles. They began this line in the late 90’s and took it through many generations. Although not a genetic simple recessive gene like other morphs, these are a selectively bred bloodline. Breed a KJUN Zag Tec to a KJUN Zag Tec and almost every animal comes out with these unusual dorsal patterns. Outcross one to another corn and you’ll usually get a handful of aberrant individuals in a clutch.

The name “Zag Tec” is a combination of two separate cornsnake terms: ZIG ZAG and AZTEC. Both terms described aberrancies seen in dorsal patterns of corns (and neither is genetically simple recessive). The KJUN line exhibited traits of both terms so they decided to combine the terms and create the Zag Tec name.

Breeder ID #: 662
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